So how do you keep off weight once it has been lost? When you lose weight as part of a weight loss plan or diet, you want to ensure that weight stays off for good. Unfortunately although people lose weight, most tend to put back on within a couple of months. Repeating these behaviours over a long period results in a permanent “yo-yo” dieting, weight constantly being lost then put back on again.

The secret is to break up that behavioural pattern of “yo yo” dieting and replace it with a new pattern which will allow you to lose and then maintain your weight.

Following the 5 steps below willgive you a clear direction to being able to maintain any weight you have lost.

Step 1 Stick to a routine:

It is very important to keep that routine in your life, which made you lose weight in the first place. The problem starts when you lose weight, achieve the weight loss target and just relax. The main purpose of the diet and fitness routine was designed to allow you to lose weight in the first place. Try to stick to your diet / weight loss plan but occasionally eat in between, enjoy parties go to restaurants from time to time. However keep a sensible limit to it. Do the same for your physical activities. But now you can reduce the time and duration. For example if you used to have exercises 5 times a week, now you can do it three times a week.

Step 2: Check your weight on a regular basis:

Make sure you have a weight scale, keeping it in a place where you can see it on a regular basis, for example the bathroom ,bedroom or even your workplace. Also weigh yourself everyday where possible. Try to do this in the evening or before going to bed. This is because that is the time when you weigh your maximum. In the mornings your weight is always reduced, this would then give you a false impression that you’ve lost weight and consequently you would eat more that day. Doing this checking of weight on a regular basis keeps your body in shape. So if you need lose weight it only tends to be a few pounds you need to lose.

Step 3. Have routine medical check ups:

Make sure you get your routine medical checkups, and when you get your check up, make sure you get checked for those things that tend to increase weight. These include thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, water retention and stress. With women Pregnancy and Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) can have a dramatic increase in weight. All these factors must taken into consideration when trying to maintain your weight.

Step 4. Stick to your size:

Make sure you do your best to keep the same clothes size. Whether you are size 10, 12 or 14 , stick to it like glue. If you buy a dress or suit in your size and you think it is too tight or uncomfortable . Don’t alter your clothes, what you need to do is to alter yourself. Trim your body and lose some pounds. This will stop you getting into the habit of altering your clothes to disguise your weight.

Step 5. Ask your partner or friends to help you:

Having a support group of friends and family to lose pounds and maintain weight is an effective way to encourage you, and increase your chances of succeeding. Your friends and your family will appreciate you for you trying to improve your life for the better. Friends and family will be reluctant to offer you something to eat that is not healthy for you. If you want a honest opinion about your weight you are more likely to get it from friends and family than complete strangers.

I hope these 5 key steps to maintain lost weight will help you through the rest of your life.

Good luck for maintaining that lost weight.

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