The soccer world cup is here again! In December this year, 32 national teams will congregate in the world’s largest nation- Russia for a month-long football tournament adorned and followed by a lot of people across the world. The matches will take place in 11 Russian cities with the lasted match held in the capital’s Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.

Once again it is time for Russia to present itself to the rest of the world as a perfect place to undertake a journey. The state boasts wonderful five-star hotels, world-class restaurants, finest travel sports and exciting tours that will leave you mesmerized come December. Football fans across the globe are making plans to visit this great nation come the end of this year don’t miss the chance going out to cheer your nation or best team in the world cup qualification list.

However, it is good to note that visiting Russia during this highly anticipated for period is not is to come by, you are going to dig deep into your pockets to sustain your stay there. Note that a couple of people from all corners of the world including world dignitaries are visiting and will require a convenient accommodation to host them during their stay.

Subsequently, this will hike accommodation fees which most fans are willing to sacrifice for it is upon you to on the kind of stay you want and ensuring it offers you an exceptional experience. Additionally, the ticket are going to cost you several hundred dollars with the final matches cost higher with the prices even going for more than a thousand dollars. It will be a bit costlier you need to do your assignment before setting off.

Before FIFA awarded the hosting contracted to Russia they first trusted the country to offer the best regarding organization and making the event that will eventually become the world’s soccer capital during the month-long celebrations. The country is dedicated to making the necessary installations and structures that will make this event a success, other than the common stereotypes graced in the mainstream media that usually aren’t true the Russian people are friendly and hospitable people who in most cases value friendship.


If you are searching for the right place to purchase your tickets from it is always good to start with the FIFA official website. From here you can regularly check for any soccer or world cup updates, and it will save you from fraud cases. You will need to be fast because these tickets sell very fast if you don’t intend to miss out you will have to be very quick. Note that it is even cheaper buying the tickets directly from FIFA because it saves your money by not paying for additional charges or costs incurred when you buy from other on-line resellers.

For convenience in travelling, you can seek the service of travel agencies. It is not only about the world cup championship games there are a lot more to see in Russia don’t miss a chance go forth and hire the service of a travelling agency. These companies will not only offer you the tickets but also a comprehensive travel experience in Russia that you will never forget in life.

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