For many football lovers the fall brings more than just the games on television. It also brings the start of fantasy football. If you are not an avid football or sports fan you may not be familiar with the term. Fantasy football is an opportunity for a sports fan to design their own team and play against other individuals. Let’s go more in depth to explain fantasy football and why people play it.

As it was mentioned above fantasy football is the opportunity for a football fan to choose players to put on his fantasy team. This team plays in a fantasy football league. These leagues can be a few friends getting together or it can be some major competition with a number of fans online and a large cash prize to the winner. The teams a picked via a draft where each fantasy football participant is given a chance to choose one player and then the next participant chooses and so on and so forth until it reaches the first participant again. The process is then started over and repeated until each player has the number of designated players for their league. Once the teams are picked the season can begin.

Each game consists of one week of football games. The fantasy football teams earn points by how well their players or chosen teams do. Just like real football the teams are placed in divisions and the number of wins determines the placement within those leagues. Participants are allowed so many different trades and changes per season. If a real player gets hurt and is unable to play for the season the participant is also allowed the opportunity to replace that player. Team scores are calculated by various different scoring techniques that vary according to the league you would be playing on. Typically the fantasy football leagues give points for passing, rushing, scoring as well as how well the defense does. All of these different scoring opportunities are calculated to give the final score. The season runs the length of the football season and includes play offs.The tournament is at an early stage, and much could happen as everything is at stake.The entertainment resulting from the premier league is a mix of excitement, heated discussions, and emotions for several months to come.

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The Premier League resulted because of the decision of top clubs in Football League to break away from the 1st division in 1992, to form their league.English football had fallen on hard times in the 1980s and suffered from hooliganism and a lack of investment in facilities…English clubs had to make drastic changes in their ground structures to make them all-seater venues after the Hillsborough tragedy.

Participants in fantasy football or other fantasy teams enjoy playing the game to add some additional excitement to the football season. It allows them to test their knowledge of players and the sport. It gives them the feeling of being a coach or an owner. It is a great time for participants and a way for them to enjoy the football season with friends or other like minded individuals with the same interest and hobby.

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